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PROneo Series

Einfach & Schnell

Aufstellen, Einrichten, Projizieren

Die inneren Werte Zählen

Unterstützt die aktuellste Projektionstechnik von

EPSON, Panasonic, uvm.

Flexibel & Skalierbar

Standardisierte Komponenten geben dir die notwendige Sicherheit

The PROneo Principle

We didn't just want to give you a simple box with a few vetilators. We wanted something completely new.
Something that doesn't only look nice but also for everyone who likes to work with it.

We have not only thought that our system need to looks beautiful.
It should also protect the projector and at the same time provide a good climate inside.

Our system is available in two different versions. The air-cooled version for normal European temperatures and
weather conditions.

The HT series is made for extreme climates. Where it gets hot and you need to actively cool your projector.
We have thought a little further and equipped our HT system with a safe liquid cooling.

So you have the possibility to integrate your projector small and compact into your project and the heat
will be emitted somewhere else far away from the viewer.

All our enclosures have one thing in common. We also use multiple air streams and the latest control
technology ensures the right air volume and speed.
Your projector always gets the climate it needs.

Our systems are exclusively equipped with standard connections as you know them from event technology.
So stop tinkering and work like a PRO.

We offer you 3 different system sizes. This covers a large part of the existing projector sizes and manufacturers.
If you need a special size, other colours we will be happy to make them for you.

Just ask us.