No other technology has gained as much importance in recent years as modern projection technology.

More and more often, a solution for outdoor applications is being required.
We at ODB Projektionstechnik have made it to our mission to find this solution.

 True to our motto "...we leave everything outside for you."
we offer you everything round under our brand OUTDOORBEAMER.COM
on the subject of projections in the outdoor sector.

Take a look around and get convinced by our modern projection technology

"made in Germany".

Neue Projektionstechnik für die LICHTSICHT Projektions Triennale in Bad Rothenfelde 2020

Introducing the

PROneo® Series


Use our versatile projection technology for your
next event. Inspire your customers with a perfect
Outdoor projection, such as for example:

       -  Facade projections  -

     -  3D video mapping  -

     -  light art festivals  -

     -  City festivals / city anniversaries  -

     -  Video Marketing / Advertising   -

     -  Christmas projections    -

Use our flexible projection technology, and that without
Compromises. Don't waste any time with complicated
Scaffolding structures and fluttering tarpaulins.

"Improvising was yesterday"

Our PROneo® systems offer you a wide range of possibilities,
for a safe outdoor projection. No matter whether you want to spend a day or
100 days.
The perfectly matched combination of a powerful light source
projector, the PROneo® Outdoor enclosure and the PROmapr® media server, helps
to implement your project quickly and easily.
The exclusively used laser-phosphor projectors,
also offer you the highest degree of reliability.

Don't just step, but always be one step ahead
 - take off and project with us.

We will be happy to advise you on all topics related to the
Outdoor projection with our systems.
Contact us, we are looking forward to seeing you.

The PROneo® Series

The PROmapr® with high computing power and compact design
design, combined with an intuitively intuitive
app, is the innovation to make your
freedom of design for video projection mapping a
smart and uncomplicated solution.
In various areas such as digital signage, stage,
theatre, museum, outdoor projection, and much more, is the
PROmapr designed to be flexible in its strengths
to use the

The easy handling of the app helps you to do the following
place your content pixel by pixel.Cue´s, Playlists
or calendar-based scenarios start your project
to the second.
Protocols such as Art-Net or PJlink will give you the following
the greatest possible design freedom.

The PROmapr® is the handy all-rounder among the
Media servers.

What is your next PROject?


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The PROmapr®