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Digital Signage Mapping Player


The media player revolution


The PROmapr® digital signage mapping player is the perfect
companion for digital signage, museum , exhibition, projection mapping
and much more. The layer based workflow continues where
other signage and media players stop. The PROmapr® can be connected
directly with PC, Mac or Tablet browser-based and without cumbersome
authoring software or apps.  
The simple placement of the content layers by drag 'n drop directly on
displays and projectors is one of the many strengths of PROmapr®.

What You See Is What You Get !

The safest hardware for our best PROmapr®.

No matter if cable network or wireless, working with the PROmapr® goes
stationary, or free and unbound wherever it is in a project.
Projection mapping, softedge and frame-accurate synchronization are an easy
for the smallest digital signage mapping player.
One, 10 or 100?  The combination of several PROmapr® units to one
synchronous media cluster quickly makes the biggest projects shine.

Buttons, switches, relays, or touch screens are only a few of many additional possibilities to integrate the PROmapr® directly into projects.
directly into projects.
Signals and protocols like PJLink, UDP, DMX, ArtNet or Streaming ACN complete the high communication bandwidth.
Timecode controlled sequences start selected projects to the second directly from the calendar.

The sophisticated file management helps to keep an overview. Existing content can be moved directly between projects and folders using drag n drop.
Files can be uploaded directly to the PROmapr® via network or easily and uncomplicated directly into an active project via hotspot or wifi.

At just 110 mm edge length and 18 mm height, the fanless PROmapr® is ultra compact to prove its size even in the smallest projects.

Operating power can be drawn directly from displays or projectors. With only 5V operating voltage at 2A, all signage and mapping functions of the PROmapr® are immediately available.

The PROmapr® is currently the smallest and most powerful digital signage
mapping player on the market!


The PROmapr® max is the big brother of our popular PROmapr® micro.
With even more power and a wider range of functions, it will convince you in every situation.
No matter if 8K single output or 4K in multimapping mode.
With the new 3D Mesh Warping Engine you can adapt your projection project to any environment.

Try it !

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